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7 Khoon Maaf: Movie review

With his latest outing I guess Vishal Bhardwaj is trying to achieve the mass acceptance which Kaminey didn’t get and in doing so he has made an excessively long, never ending movie. The special thing about Vishal sir’s movie is the fact that they are not simple or shallow, watch them any number of times and you’ll find something new in it and that is where 7 Khoon Maaf loses the battle. The movie is excessively simple. There isn’t any string in the movie which attaches the audience to it.

Susana’s story of her search for true love and her failure to do so never makes you feel her misery baring for a couple of times. All you get in the end is a series of repetitive events. The movie tries hard to juggle between a drama and a dark comedy and finally fails to be either of them.

Another trademark of Vishal Bhardwaj’s movies are his dialogues but barring a few lines you find that magical touch missing and the dialogues are a bit too “filmy”.

Having said that, it’s not a bad movie. There are some great moments on screen, like the one where Major Rodriguez caresses Susana with his amputated limb or that genius climax with that haunting track “Yeshu” in the background and that beautifully shot “Bekaraan” which actually creates a magical atmosphere. But moments like these are few and far in between.

As Susana, Priyanka Chopra tries a bit hard to make her character look like a vulnerable woman with a stubborn child like heart. Some of the scenes where she shows her mettle are the ones with Anu Kapoor, the scene at the hospital and her final scene with Vronsky, but my favorite is the one where she kills Naseer Sa’ab.

Among the husbands Anu Kapoor gives a charming performance as the caricaturish officer. Irrfan Khan as the poet by day and sadist beast by night gives a restrained performance. Aleksandr Dyachenko as the Russian hubby is very sweet. John Abraham even with his limited role gives a wooden show with thankfully very few dialogues. Naseer Sa’ab doesn’t have much to do and has a different approach to every scene. Neil Nitin Mukesh actually looks “adamkhor” as the major but his dialogue delivery is ghastly. The show stopper of the movie is Vivaan Shah who shines in each and every scene and gives a pitch perfect performance.

In the end I’ll say that 7 Khoon Maaf isn’t a bad movie but a painstakingly boring one, so much so that during the interval when it is said that there 4 more to go you wonder once that if it’s a threat.

Rating: **.5


7 Khoon Maaf: Music Review

Remember the first promo of the movie? And the version of Darling in that? Then how the song promo was completely different? Well that is because the song has two versions in the album. The main version of this Kalinka inspired number is a bit fast paced giving it one of those remixes’ feel to it. Rekha Bhardwaj and Usha Uthup make an interesting combo and completely blow you up. The other version titled Doosri Darling has a more authentic Russian feel to it. This is the version which we saw in the theatrical trailer. Rekha Bhardwaj’s vocals in this one are as saucy as it gets.

With Bekaraan Vishal goes the Rahman way by keeping the best track of the soundtrack for him. This one is a gem of a track. Gulzar Saab’s mesmerizing honey dipped words are brought to a whole new level by Vishal’s vocals. The way he sings each line with those beautiful pauses and stretched pronunciations will make anybody fall in love with this track.

Dil Dil Hai and O’ Mama have Vishal going the Amit Trivedi territory. The former has the feel of Zehreeley from Rock On which interestingly was also sung by Suraj Jagan this song has “Madness” written all over it. A super energetic track. O’ Mama has a slow build up. This rock song is beautifully crooned by KK.  Gulzar Saab again delivers killer lines with his “Meow Si Ladki”. The song also has an acoustic version which is equally good

Aawara is not something new, but still it is different from one of those rustic sad songs because of Vishal Bhardwaj’s orchestration which gives you a dry kind of feeling all around.

Not many people might have noticed but one combo who has always provided good songs is that of Vishal Bhardwaj and Suresh Wadkar. Yet again they come up with one of the most romantic tracks Tere Liye. Gulzar Saab’s words are simple yet touching. The music throughout the song specially the Veena played by Pandit Vishwa Mohan Bhatt (Info very graciously given by @bhargavsaikia) in the interlude is completely soothing. If I want to propose a girl I will definitely play this song.

The last track of the album Yeshu is a haunting prayer. This dark prayer literally gave me Goosebumps. Rekha Bhardwaj provides perfect vocals for this one which. The best part of the song is its vibrant chorus in the middle of the song which gives it a more haunting feel.

Vishal sir yet again gives us a brilliant soundtrack. It’s just the beginning of this year and am pretty sure this might be the soundtrack of the year. I generally don’t give ratings to an album but this one truly deserves a 10 on 10.

My Pick: Doosri Darling, Bekaraan, Tere Liye and Yeshu