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Naxalism: The Real Picture!!

Dantewada is among those places where corporate groups like Vedants, TATA etc are trying to bring ‘development’ for the people.
Dantewada is a place with mineral deposits, one of its own region, Bailadila, contains one of the largest deposits of Iron Ore in the world. The Iron content of the Ore is as … See Morehigh as 68%, which can easily be termed as of world class quality Ore. Similarly deposits like Uranium, Granite, Graphite, Lime Stone and Marble are also found in the district.

The tribes live there for the past 1600 years,. After independence govt. gave them assurance that their lands will be protected and will not be taken over by government. But the promises of development and protection were not kept.

The naxal bari uprising had nothing to do with Dantewada until one day when some rebels saw the writing on the wall “Naxali aao hamein bachaao’. That was the time when the Naxal taught the tribals how to arm themselves and protect themselves from the atrocities of the police. The recent killings of 76 CRPF jawans were hugely celebrated in Dantewada and was declared as ‘people’s victory’.

ON the other hand, the Naxalites are also infamous for targetting civilians living in villages specially at night when they are asleep. They are also known for looting rations at gunpoints, making merry, raping girls and moving to the next village thereafter.

Police has its own thousands of versions about Maoists, Maoists say that they are defending their lands from the government. It has happened in the past that lands have been taken by the government for development resulting into widespread tribal suppression and their migration from their own place.

Govt. is largely at fault for pushing them to the satae of misery and deprivation so much so that they were convinced to pick up arms in the beginning. BUt, yes somewhere the fight for justice has lost its way.

NAXALS, as we call them are divided into numerous factions, some don’t expand their region, some believe in invading new areas, some move from to place justifying their cause like missionaries, some in the form of organizations spreading the tribal cause and people’s issues, some are just ruthless killing machines.

AS far as ideology is concerned, both Che and Mao were strictly against coward tactics and civilian casualties. During the early days of Naxal uprising, Kanu Sanyal with his comrades visted Mao and he gave strict advise, “be sure of you do in my name” Mao also said that Indian uprising looks ‘more like chaos than revolution’.

The Naxalites have lost their way as of now. Even the youth cadre of CPI(ML) admits it (CPI-ML was one of the organizations which had engineered the Naxal uprising for at least a decade).

WHAT if we kill the Maoists and save innocent lives, what if majority of tribals agree to lay down their arms, what if they allow mining industries to make their way into Bastar and Dantewada and districts alike.

Will they ever pull out?
Will the government again break its promise and tribals, having sniffed a betrayal, will have to lleave their lands?
Will the police atrocities begin again?
Will they again reorganize to avenge the betrayal of the govt.?

There may be a majority of power hungry Maoists out there but the question is why the tribals picked up arms in the beginning? There is no smoke without fire. One cannot outrightly ignore their harsh concerns.

I read the memoirs of Naxals who have now abandooned the path of violence, they say the movement has lost its way. Then I also read in newspapers that in the forests of Dantawada, Bastar and Jharkhand, there are not only tribals but sons of some businessmen residing as far as Kolkata, professors of universities, professionals architects, doctors etc. who hv left their lucrative jobs to join the ‘liberation’ movement…and most shockingly one can also find graduates from a s prestigious college as the Oxford in the “illiterate and tribal” jungles of the Red Corridor.




It is now too late to for the system to react. This is a stage of a deadlock. The strength of Maoists is above 6 lakhs, quite near to the number of the standing Indian Army, and it is counting day and night. Ascending from the South, Maoist last influence area if my own city, Gorakhpur (eastern U.P), just 763 kms from New Delhi, (the epitome of world’s largest democracy).
Believe me! India is going to have a civil war sooner or later, and this war will not be like the stupid Naxal uprising.
-Danish Saiyed