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7 Khoon Maaf: Music Review

Remember the first promo of the movie? And the version of Darling in that? Then how the song promo was completely different? Well that is because the song has two versions in the album. The main version of this Kalinka inspired number is a bit fast paced giving it one of those remixes’ feel to it. Rekha Bhardwaj and Usha Uthup make an interesting combo and completely blow you up. The other version titled Doosri Darling has a more authentic Russian feel to it. This is the version which we saw in the theatrical trailer. Rekha Bhardwaj’s vocals in this one are as saucy as it gets.

With Bekaraan Vishal goes the Rahman way by keeping the best track of the soundtrack for him. This one is a gem of a track. Gulzar Saab’s mesmerizing honey dipped words are brought to a whole new level by Vishal’s vocals. The way he sings each line with those beautiful pauses and stretched pronunciations will make anybody fall in love with this track.

Dil Dil Hai and O’ Mama have Vishal going the Amit Trivedi territory. The former has the feel of Zehreeley from Rock On which interestingly was also sung by Suraj Jagan this song has “Madness” written all over it. A super energetic track. O’ Mama has a slow build up. This rock song is beautifully crooned by KK.  Gulzar Saab again delivers killer lines with his “Meow Si Ladki”. The song also has an acoustic version which is equally good

Aawara is not something new, but still it is different from one of those rustic sad songs because of Vishal Bhardwaj’s orchestration which gives you a dry kind of feeling all around.

Not many people might have noticed but one combo who has always provided good songs is that of Vishal Bhardwaj and Suresh Wadkar. Yet again they come up with one of the most romantic tracks Tere Liye. Gulzar Saab’s words are simple yet touching. The music throughout the song specially the Veena played by Pandit Vishwa Mohan Bhatt (Info very graciously given by @bhargavsaikia) in the interlude is completely soothing. If I want to propose a girl I will definitely play this song.

The last track of the album Yeshu is a haunting prayer. This dark prayer literally gave me Goosebumps. Rekha Bhardwaj provides perfect vocals for this one which. The best part of the song is its vibrant chorus in the middle of the song which gives it a more haunting feel.

Vishal sir yet again gives us a brilliant soundtrack. It’s just the beginning of this year and am pretty sure this might be the soundtrack of the year. I generally don’t give ratings to an album but this one truly deserves a 10 on 10.

My Pick: Doosri Darling, Bekaraan, Tere Liye and Yeshu


Aisha: Music Review

So the brilliant Amit Trivedi is back again after his recent brilliant outing Udaan (which I still can’t get out of my head) and as usual he doesn’t disappoints this time also. Accompanying him in this outing in the lyrics department is not the usual Amitabh Bhattachrya but Javed Akhtar.

The album kicks off with Suno Aisha a Vishal-Shekhar kind of number but what sets it apart from a regular track is the arrangements in the song especially during interludes, the use of trumpet is just brilliant. A full on peppy number sung with an equal Pep by Ash King.

The next track Gall Mithi Mithi Bol by Tochi starts with a classical shehnai tune and then shifts to R&B Punjabi sound instantly. Now if this track would have been composed by any other composer it would have sound pretty routine, but Amit Trivedi’s arrangement of the instruments specially the Shehnai makes it an instant Catchy number. There is another remix version which sounds more desi than the original but is equally good.

Sham is an unplugged melody with just the use of guitars in the background. It has that dreamy feel to it which u find in tracks like Lemon Tree. Amit Trivedi & Neuman Pinto have sung the song brilliantly.

The moment the Spanish guitar kicks in, you know you have a winner track already. Behke Behke sung by Anushka has Spanish feel throughout it. A pulsating track it’s unlike the other Spanish influenced songs you have heard before in Bollywood. Fully Delightful!!

The reason behind Lehrein being such a beautiful track is Anusha Mani’s voice and the Violin which always bring gooseflesh in me. Anusha has always been given the most different track in Amit’s album like Dil Mein Jaagi in Dev.D and now Lehrein in Aisha and she has scintillating both the time, here’s one girl who desperately needs some more great songs. There’s another remix version of the track which thankfully is mellower than the original and not overloaded with those electronic sounds.

And lastly By the Way!!! An addictive track By The Way is a Pop Rock number rendered by Anushka Manchanda is like the kinds of Girlfriend by Avril. One of the reasons this track is so addictive is the energy with which Anushka sings… Kudos to her.

So in the end Aisha is another winner by Amit Trivedi and to all those who think he is just like another Mithoon, they are wrong because this guy is going to be here for a long time now!!!

Pick of the Lot: Really can’t decide all the tracks are amazing.

This Kite will Soar High!!!

So kites is finally here!!!!!!!!! After being ready for release for what seems like ages, the Roshans have finally given the green signal for its release. But frankly, I was neither impressed by its first trailer nor by the promos which followed it, so I kind of lost interest in it till I saw the trailers of its two songs, thanks to @dunkdaft’s blog. These two songs made me excited for rest of the soundtrack which is something unusual because I “HATED” Krissh’s soundtrack and thought that Rajesh Roshan had completely lost it. Seriously Pyar Ki Ek Kahani still makes me highly irritated. Coming back to Kites, when I first heard its soundtrack I was amazed, as Rajesh Roshan had made something really new and different.

The soundtrack kicks up with Zindagi Do Pal Ki which sounds like a typical Rajesh Roshan song. The song has K.K. behind the mike crooning to some sparkling lyrics by Nasir Faraaz. The song sounds perfect for a long drive with someone really special. This is one song you’ll love to keep on loop.

K.K. comes again for Dil Kyu Ye Mera, a love ballad with some rock elements. The song starts with a flute and strings and slowly increases the tempo. The song makes a fairy tale kind of world around you in which you’ll want to get lost.

Next is Tum Bhi Ho Wohi. Now this one is something really different in terms of composition. It starts with R&B but then suddenly changes to something pulsating, kind of like the music you find in chase sequences. Vishal Dadlani and Suraj Jaggan live up to their status of Rock star and kick some serious arse with their singing. The song might not catch on you instantly but it will grow on you slowly.

When I read that Hrithik is singing Kites in The Sky for the movie I thought it would be something like what Aamir, Shahrukh and Sanjay Dutt had done in some of their songs i.e. singing one or two lines or something tapori style, so I was pleasantly surprised when I heard this track. He is not bad at all, in fact he sounds good, but I don’t think he should do it often. Suzanne D’Mello with her Spanish parts is the highlight of the song. With minimalist arrangement the song is a rather good relaxing track.

How can Hrithik have a movie with no track to dance to. Fire is basically an instrumental track with some words thrown in, in the end. The song starts with slow techno beats and slowly reaches to its peak. This song’s picturisation will definitely put the screens on fire. Expect sparks to fly around.

All in all the Roshans have made good album which is a bit Hatke from their usual outings, which is good. But it still hasn’t made me any more excited for the movie.

My Verdict: A really enjoyable soundtrack
Pick of the lot: Zindagi Do Pal, Dil Kyu Ye Mera, and Tum Bhi Ho Wohi

My Name Is Khan: Music Review

Music: Shankar, Ehsaan, Loy

Lyrics: Niranjan Iyengar

So, finally Kjo is back with his latest flick after the lovely KANK (yes I was among the few who loved that movie). As usual the movie has lots of expectations; a) Kjo comes behind the camera after 4 years b)This is Shahrukh’s first major release since RNBDJ & c)This first time SRK & Kajol are coming together since K3G which was nine years back. Like the movie its music is also much anticipated as is the case with Kjo movie.

Many of us would have noticed a pattern which the soundtrack follows in Kjo movie. There would be 2 dance tracks one would be a disco number and the other would most probably be a shaadi type number full of Punjabi influence, then there would be one full romantic track and one sad song. But the thing with MNK is that surprisingly it doesn’t follow this pattern and comes out to be a very pleasant soundtrack. The whole soundtrack has a Sufi feel to it, be it the lyrics or the music. SEL have done another brilliant job after their successful last year. So, without wasting further time let’s go and have a look at the songs.

The album starts with Sajda. Sung by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan who is supported by Richa Sharma. A romantic track to the core, Sajda doesn’t have anything different to offer in terms of music, but some nice lyrics by Niranjan and superb singing by both the singers makes you love this song instantly.

When you hear Shankar’s own voice reciting the words Noor-E-Khuda, you know a melodious track awaits you. The surprising element of the song is the choice of Adnan Sami and Shreya’s entrance in the song takes the song to another level. The song boasts some inspiring lyrics and amazing music. This one is surely going to move many people’s heart.

Okay, frankly speaking I didn’t like this track when I heard it the first few times, but then it really grew on me. Tere Naina is a beautiful track and all because of Shafqat’s vocals and Niranjan’s honey dipped words. This is one track you would love to dedicate to someone very special. Scintillating!!!!!

This is my personal favourite track from the soundtrack. The song starts with chants of Allah-hi-Rahem in Rashid Khan’s husky voice. A great Sufi track which brings peace to your mind.

There are some songs which are meant to celebrate joy and spirit of life, Rang De belongs to that category. Full of life, the songs has all the reasons to rise anyone’s hopes. Suraj and Shankar do a great job behind the mike and provide some zestful vocals.

The album ends with an instrumental piece by my favourite band Strings. Khan theme is a dramatic musical piece which sets the mood of the movie. The track has a feel of sadness as well as hope attached to it. The first time I heard this track I had chill bumps all over me. A brilliant way to end the album

So, SEL don’t come up with something which is very innovative but still it has that feeling of warmth which makes this an instantly likable album. With some nice words by Niranjan this album is surely going to make a mark with every one

Rating:  ***1/2

Repeat Value: Of course!!!

Personal picks: Noor-e-khuda, Allah-hi-rahem, Khan Theme