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Mission Impossible: Pee Control

Earlier this year during my Inter-batch competitons I had a chance to make a movie for one of the competitions. This is the first time I made a movie and fortunately won the prize for it also. So I’ll like to share this movie with all of you. The movie is about a boy who needs to attend the natures call but has to cross a lot of hurdles in the path. Watch it and please comment and tell how did you find it.


World Builder: Greatest CGFX You’ll Ever See

Director Bruce Branit, shot World Builder in a single day, and then worked on the post production for roughly 2 years before calling it a finished product.

Now thats one hell of a dedication!

The result is well worth the effort however. It’s a story about an unknown man who builds a whole new world just using holographic tools for the woman he loves the most in the world. It’s a really emotional short movie with some extraordinary effects. Do watch it and I assure you that you won’t regret it.