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No One Killed Jessica: Movie Review

Just today I mentioned No One Killed Jessica as one of the most awaited movie and I went to watch it today. As everyone knows it’s based on the famous Jessica Lal murder case and the court trials which ensued it. In terms of story the movie has nothing new to offer as most of us know about the case, so in such case a tight screenplay is required so as to keep the momentum of the film. Sadly No One Killed Jessica fails in it. The scenes do not flow in a smooth manner and in the result is that it appears to be collage of various scenes. The movie lacks the intensity and tension for a tight courtroom drama and hence even at a run time of 2 hours and 15 minutes the movie appears a bit long.

On the brighter side there are some superbly handled sequences like the interrogation of the accused, the intense courtroom scene where suddenly Vidya Balan breaks into a giggle and my favorite where the cop tell Sabrina that he took 75 lakhs for not touching the accused. But there are also some loud scenes which include repetition of a particular scene involving accused’s mother telling her that no matter what, he must protect her son.

The biggest culprit of the movie is its casting which barring the lead is a group of some really really loud and over dramatic actors, most of them contestant of shows like Splitsvila. Remember those gem of supporting talents in recent movies like Phas Gaya Re Obama, Band Baaja Baarat and Do Dooni Chaar and the life they infused in the movie? The supporting characters in this movie are completely opposite them. The only character which shines among the supporting group is the guy who plays the cop in charge of the case. Among the leads Vidya Balan as always performs her role well but it’s the one dimensional character which makes it difficult to feel Sabrina’s pain in the second half. Rani Mukherjee steals the show with her confident and spot on performance, pity we are not able to see much of this talented actress.

But the real star of the movie is undoubtedly Amit Trivedi without whose music the movie wouldn’t have been half enjoyable what it is now. His haunting and pulsating music brings life in the movie.

In the end I’ll say that it’s not a bad movie but a tighter screenplay and a little subtlety would have made this movie a gripping movie.

My Rating: **.5


Top of The Tops: Best Songs of 2010

So we’ve reached end of another year and the whole of the internet will be filled with their lists of the best and worst of the year. So, I thought that I should also join the band-wagon and make my own list. So I’ll start with the best of the music. Here is a list of the songs which I enjoyed the most listening to this year. Now I’m not a music expert so this list is not a critic’s list but just a regular music lover’s choice. Feel free to disagree with me and put in your own suggestions.

1.       Aur Fir Yu Hua (Striker – Vishal Bhardwaj)

2.       Naav  Chadhti (Udaan – Amit Trivedi)

3.       Gal Mitthi Mitthi (Aisha – Amit Trivedi)

4.       Sajda (My Name Is Khan – Shankar Ehsaan Loy)

5.       Adhoore Tum (Break Ke Baad – Vishal & Shekhar)

6.       Dil to baccha hai ji (Ishqiya – Vishal Bhardwaj)

7.       Tarkeebein (Band Baaja Baarat – Salim Suleiman)

8.       Bin Tere (I Hate Love Storys – Vishal & Shekhar)

9.       Aitbaar (No One Killed Jessica – Amit Trivedi)

10.   Roshni (Admissions Open – Amit Trivedi)

One thing is clear Amit Trivedi ruled this year. At least for me

Aisha: Music Review

So the brilliant Amit Trivedi is back again after his recent brilliant outing Udaan (which I still can’t get out of my head) and as usual he doesn’t disappoints this time also. Accompanying him in this outing in the lyrics department is not the usual Amitabh Bhattachrya but Javed Akhtar.

The album kicks off with Suno Aisha a Vishal-Shekhar kind of number but what sets it apart from a regular track is the arrangements in the song especially during interludes, the use of trumpet is just brilliant. A full on peppy number sung with an equal Pep by Ash King.

The next track Gall Mithi Mithi Bol by Tochi starts with a classical shehnai tune and then shifts to R&B Punjabi sound instantly. Now if this track would have been composed by any other composer it would have sound pretty routine, but Amit Trivedi’s arrangement of the instruments specially the Shehnai makes it an instant Catchy number. There is another remix version which sounds more desi than the original but is equally good.

Sham is an unplugged melody with just the use of guitars in the background. It has that dreamy feel to it which u find in tracks like Lemon Tree. Amit Trivedi & Neuman Pinto have sung the song brilliantly.

The moment the Spanish guitar kicks in, you know you have a winner track already. Behke Behke sung by Anushka has Spanish feel throughout it. A pulsating track it’s unlike the other Spanish influenced songs you have heard before in Bollywood. Fully Delightful!!

The reason behind Lehrein being such a beautiful track is Anusha Mani’s voice and the Violin which always bring gooseflesh in me. Anusha has always been given the most different track in Amit’s album like Dil Mein Jaagi in Dev.D and now Lehrein in Aisha and she has scintillating both the time, here’s one girl who desperately needs some more great songs. There’s another remix version of the track which thankfully is mellower than the original and not overloaded with those electronic sounds.

And lastly By the Way!!! An addictive track By The Way is a Pop Rock number rendered by Anushka Manchanda is like the kinds of Girlfriend by Avril. One of the reasons this track is so addictive is the energy with which Anushka sings… Kudos to her.

So in the end Aisha is another winner by Amit Trivedi and to all those who think he is just like another Mithoon, they are wrong because this guy is going to be here for a long time now!!!

Pick of the Lot: Really can’t decide all the tracks are amazing.