Bollywood Time Travel

Having read many blog post series like Bollywood for Beginners by @filmigirl I have also been wanting to start a series of posts from a long time, also wanted a reason to update the blog regularly. Then an idea came after reading @rajasen’s post of his 100 favorite hindi movies. I thought why not blog about my favorite movies, but instead of making one list I should post year wise. So starting from I’ll be regularly posting my favorite movies from 1960 till now. I’ll try to keep the list to a minimum of three per year, but there will be years where the list might come lower than that or I might even have to skip some years since am a 91 born. But I hope that the probability of that happening  stays low. The movies in the list will be purely on based on the fact that how much I enjoyed them and even after many years of watching them like to watch them again. Now as a database I’ll be using IMDB and Wikipedia’s list of movies according to the year. So, if there is any mistake in the release year do tell me and also do tell me If I had missed any movie or a movie which you thought deserved to be on this list.

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