Seven Little Amputees: guest post by Kumar Shankar De

The following post is a by a guest @operation_cloud a very good friend of mine


Seven little amputees sitting on a tree

All their legs cut below their knee

‘How do you balance?’ a passerby said

‘We’ve got hands don’t we, you fucking dickhead’


Once when the branch was about to break

Amputee number three caught a nearby snake

He made it bite one and two

Their bodies dropped down and the others said ‘phew!’


Six was hungry so he cut five’s arm

He said it tasted like chicken from a farm

Unable to balance five fell down

The rest said ‘good riddance to another clown’


Seven and four had a sour past

They’d each survived a jihadi bomb blast

Not to be outdone by the other

They each decided to survive another

They blew the fucking tree apart

And all that remained was the smell of their fart

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