RIP Dara Singh Ji

As a kid I remember my dadi used to watch Ramayana every sunday morning in Sony I guess if am not wrong (yes I am talking about post DD days when it had a rerun) and because I had nothing else to do I also used to watch it with her. I dont remember much from that show except Arun Govil as Ram and Dara Singh as Hanuman. Dara Singh’s portrayal of Lord Hanuman was so strong for me that for many coming years he would have been the image of Hanumanji whenever I used to have nightmares at night.

As an actor his fondest memory for me is from the show Hudd Kar Di  directed by Sachin Pilgaonkar where he played the role of Papaji the head of the family, a role which was somewhat similar to the character of Hanumanji where he plays the protector of the family with a heart of gold. If you think about it his whole life has been example of this character be it on reel or real. I haven’t done much research on him but of what I know about him and from what I can recall from my childhood he will remain an avtar of Hanumanji for me.

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