7 Khoon Maaf: Movie review

With his latest outing I guess Vishal Bhardwaj is trying to achieve the mass acceptance which Kaminey didn’t get and in doing so he has made an excessively long, never ending movie. The special thing about Vishal sir’s movie is the fact that they are not simple or shallow, watch them any number of times and you’ll find something new in it and that is where 7 Khoon Maaf loses the battle. The movie is excessively simple. There isn’t any string in the movie which attaches the audience to it.

Susana’s story of her search for true love and her failure to do so never makes you feel her misery baring for a couple of times. All you get in the end is a series of repetitive events. The movie tries hard to juggle between a drama and a dark comedy and finally fails to be either of them.

Another trademark of Vishal Bhardwaj’s movies are his dialogues but barring a few lines you find that magical touch missing and the dialogues are a bit too “filmy”.

Having said that, it’s not a bad movie. There are some great moments on screen, like the one where Major Rodriguez caresses Susana with his amputated limb or that genius climax with that haunting track “Yeshu” in the background and that beautifully shot “Bekaraan” which actually creates a magical atmosphere. But moments like these are few and far in between.

As Susana, Priyanka Chopra tries a bit hard to make her character look like a vulnerable woman with a stubborn child like heart. Some of the scenes where she shows her mettle are the ones with Anu Kapoor, the scene at the hospital and her final scene with Vronsky, but my favorite is the one where she kills Naseer Sa’ab.

Among the husbands Anu Kapoor gives a charming performance as the caricaturish officer. Irrfan Khan as the poet by day and sadist beast by night gives a restrained performance. Aleksandr Dyachenko as the Russian hubby is very sweet. John Abraham even with his limited role gives a wooden show with thankfully very few dialogues. Naseer Sa’ab doesn’t have much to do and has a different approach to every scene. Neil Nitin Mukesh actually looks “adamkhor” as the major but his dialogue delivery is ghastly. The show stopper of the movie is Vivaan Shah who shines in each and every scene and gives a pitch perfect performance.

In the end I’ll say that 7 Khoon Maaf isn’t a bad movie but a painstakingly boring one, so much so that during the interval when it is said that there 4 more to go you wonder once that if it’s a threat.

Rating: **.5

8 responses to “7 Khoon Maaf: Movie review

  1. Thats disappointing! I was planning to go for it tonight. will have to wait for Tanu weds Manu now

    • Well like I said its not a bad movie. but yes its not like other VB movies. In my case it was the expectation meter which made it sore. Just don’t go with high expectations and you might enjoy it

  2. I would agree to most of the stuff said here ! Vivan was SUPERB !! real pleasue to watch him on screen in almost every scene .. Though i did think Priyanka has done a real good job in the movie . Specially in the scenes with Irfan Khan – they both together do add a lot of magic to every scene ..

    What you forgot to mention was the other 3 characters attached to Priyanka. Their character was both well drafted and i really liked all of them. They are imprtanat part of Priyanka’s behave and actions.

    • Oh definitely specially Harish Khanna who played the butler with bollywood film’s villian’ heart was superb. Though I didnt find the other two that important to the movie

  3. I figured as much – it’s impossible to make a good film by stringing the audience along through a series of 7 (or 12) events. Save the seven for a miniseries and make a good film with ONE focus.

    Whether it’s Scott Pilgrim vs. the World or What’s Your Rashee? – it doesn’t make good cinema.

    • I dont know but the plot sounded really good and those who’ve read the short story are gaga about it but somehow it didnt translate on screen. So much more could have been done.

  4. Where were ‘awara’ and ‘tere liye’ yaar. 😦 i thought Awara will be there coz of its dark dark mood.

    Well, agree with many points here. After interval it was like ‘when will it end’ despite of some interesting moments. Not a ‘great-vishal-adaptation’ as it always happens. Yeah, Imaad was superb,and i think Usha Uthup was wasted. Generally i love movies taken frm books coz they take us to diffrnt world, so for tht I liked this one. Fav part : Irrfaan’s. Goosebumps on each line.

  5. I guess everyone had far too many expectations from this movie, and somehow it failed to commit to the usual brilliance and ingenuity that comes from Vishal Bharadwaj.

    Vivaan did manage a wonderful job however. I however saw quite a lack of strength and soul in Susanna’s character for some reason. Especially with her 3 [guess you could call them sidekicks sorta] hovering around all the time. I understand their importance…but their portrayal turned out to be rather…”iffy”.

    A couple of scenes were executed brilliantly as you said above. And especially the little invocations to “God” that she would perform before committing a murder did raise goosebumps.

    I loved the effect of Lacrimosa by Mozart playing in the background when Priyanka was in her room, and Vivaan had just returned from Russia. But there seemed to be so much scope for that scene and all the elements of it. But somehow overall it felt like such a failure.

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