Top of the Tops: Best Eng Movies of 2010

And am back with another segment of Top of the Tops and this time with best English movies released in 2010. A lot of superb movies released this year and so it was really difficult to pick the best 5. So here’s a list of the 5 movies form this year which I loved and wouldn’t mind watching again and again.

Disclaimer: Since Black Swann has not released in India nor is it available on the net hence it is not included in this list.

5. Kick-Ass: There is something wicked about a 12 year old child kicking asses of grownups. This movie has everything going for it, be it the dialogues, those cool actions sequences and the performances. One of the best part of the movie is that unlike other super hero movie (Nolan’s Batman not included) this movie doesn’t have those over the top, heavy duty action sequences but still manages to deliver the edge of the seat visuals.

4.  Shutter Island: Even at this age Martin Scorsese likes to have fun by messing up with our mind. I remember watching this movie alone in a dark, cold room and getting so scared that I had to switch on all the lights. The movie is not a horror but the atmosphere it creates gives you an eerie feeling, top it with a superb performance by DiCaprio and you’ll get a classic Psychological Thriller.

3.  Toy Story 3: A whole generation has grown up on this movie and hence I was apprehensive about the movie fearing that will it be as good as the first two if not better, but it’s Pixar and they never get it wrong. This movie has turned out to be one of my favorite animated movies of all time. The references it made to various escape movies were sheer brilliance and the new characters were a delight. Truly said by someone “ Pixar is the only production house which is a star in its own”

2.  Social Network: I had been waiting for this movie since the day I heard about its early reviews from film festivals started pouring in  and even though I got a pirated version before it released in India I waited for it to watch it on the big screen and man did I enjoyed this movie or what. The movie is not about the foundation of the Facebook phenomenon but about friendship, ambition, betrayal and Mr. Fincher showed it beautifully on the screen.

1.  Inception: This movie kept me thinking about it for more than a week after I watched it. A mind blowing thriller which keeps you on your toes till the end Inception is one of the best movies to come out in the history of movies. It is intelligent film-making at its best. It is one of few movies which despite of getting so much appreciation is under-rated. The academy will have to fall down in front of Nolan this time

So you just read what my fav movies of the year are. Please share your views on it. I will love to know which movies you enjoyed this year.

10 responses to “Top of the Tops: Best Eng Movies of 2010

  1. no man i disagree with inception coming up at NO 1 and kick ass seriously no way

  2. i wud say shutter island
    scott piligrim vs the world
    social network
    despicable me
    in the same order

  3. You should watch Black Swan asap and i’m sure you’ll have to edit your list ; )

    My list is

    1. Inception
    2. Black Swan
    3. Toy Story 3
    4. Social Network
    5. The Kids Are All Right

  4. Here’s mine..

    1. The social network
    2. The ghost writer
    3. Toy story 3
    4. The kids are all right
    5. Inception

  5. Oh and also Scott pilgrim..probably at no4

  6. Very nice! – I liked Due Date aswell, it sucked at BO but a decent entertainer 🙂

    Nice top 5!

  7. Love the list. My favorites are here. Just to spice this up a bit the top dud was Salt.

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