Top of The Tops: Best Songs of 2010

So we’ve reached end of another year and the whole of the internet will be filled with their lists of the best and worst of the year. So, I thought that I should also join the band-wagon and make my own list. So I’ll start with the best of the music. Here is a list of the songs which I enjoyed the most listening to this year. Now I’m not a music expert so this list is not a critic’s list but just a regular music lover’s choice. Feel free to disagree with me and put in your own suggestions.

1.       Aur Fir Yu Hua (Striker – Vishal Bhardwaj)

2.       Naav  Chadhti (Udaan – Amit Trivedi)

3.       Gal Mitthi Mitthi (Aisha – Amit Trivedi)

4.       Sajda (My Name Is Khan – Shankar Ehsaan Loy)

5.       Adhoore Tum (Break Ke Baad – Vishal & Shekhar)

6.       Dil to baccha hai ji (Ishqiya – Vishal Bhardwaj)

7.       Tarkeebein (Band Baaja Baarat – Salim Suleiman)

8.       Bin Tere (I Hate Love Storys – Vishal & Shekhar)

9.       Aitbaar (No One Killed Jessica – Amit Trivedi)

10.   Roshni (Admissions Open – Amit Trivedi)

One thing is clear Amit Trivedi ruled this year. At least for me

7 responses to “Top of The Tops: Best Songs of 2010

  1. Nice list. I nearly forgot ‘aur fir yun hua’
    my list could get much longer.

  2. Nice list. I haven’t listened some of the song in this list. Will listen them, tonight.

  3. Aur phir yoon hua was awesome.
    Naav was awesome again.
    Gal Mitthi Mitthi was good, but doesn’t reach number 3 for me.
    Sajda was good, except I think it was released long back, during the days of KJo. 😀
    Adhoore Tum was good again, but I guess I’d prefer some song of Anjaana-Anjaani here, above Adhoore.
    Dil to baccha hai ji. Vishal Bharadwaj is God.
    Tarkeebein sounds so much like Pocket mein Rocket even though it’s wonderful. I say Mitra beats it.
    Bin Tere – Which version? I love Shekhar’s. Only. Shafqat’s is just Good.
    Aitbaar- Nothing new by Amit, but wonderful nonetheless. More because of Amitabh Bhattacharya.
    Roshni. Naah. This one will feature in top 25, or maybe 50. You’re obsessed with Amit Trivedi it seems.
    Also, I don’t agree with ur one album one song logic. Entire Udaan beats Roshni, and it’s by the same guy, similar style as Dev.D.

    In all, very nice songs they all are, but no, not my Top 10.

    PS: I know how difficult it’s gonna be to create my own list. No, really. 😀

    • Not obsessed with amit trivedi but yes all his albums do have atleast one songs whoch makes me crazy about it….. I know anjaana anjaani was superb but again my choice for the 10th spot had 3 contenders hairat, roshni and maadno and i chose roshni cos for its unorthodox treatment.
      Gal mithhi is there in top 3 specially cos of its arrangement cos somehow it seems to me like a fusion of punjabi and south indian music (i might be wrong) which always gets me hooked to it.
      Tarkeebein has a bit of pocket main rocket hangover but i loved its wordings thts why its there.
      I know udaan was a wholesome album but i was trying to chose one song from an album thts y not all songs are featured here
      I also thought of more songs like kanha from veer, uff teri ada and some more but 10 is a very small no to fit all of them 🙂

  4. Very nice!! Missing some Anjaana Anjaani tracks like ‘tujhe bhula diya’ and ‘tumse hi tumse’.. But gal mithi mithi totally ruled my summer 2010:). Good post 🙂

  5. After Aamir and Dev.D, Roshni maybe unorthodox, but not new anymore. As for unorthodox, I’d like to commend aas paas khuda, only the unplugged version, and from the list, Dil to Bachcha hai ji, Gal Mitthi mitthi, Cham-cham (striker), and somehow, Lafangey Parindey too.

    And if your one movie one song doesn’t apply, I’d add in Shaam and Lehrein for sure. 🙂

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