4 Popular movies I hated

I strongly belive a good movie is a matter of perception, different people have different choices. There are many cases when a movie is not liked most of the people but you might love them and there are also cases when people love the movie but you tend to hate them e.g. My mom didn’t like Rang De Basanti and my Bua hates Munnabhai M.B.B.S. on the other hand our very own @filmigirl loves Tashan. Similarly there are many popular movies which I have hated and here are 4 movies which top the list.

(In no particular order as I hate all of them with same amount of disgust)

Fanaa: I still remember dragging my friends forcefully to watch this movie and also remember that despite the fact that we were 15 mins late we went to watch the movie. My friends still curse me for taking them to watch it and I don’t blame them. The movie’s story wasn’t that bad but the way it was executed was really awful. I remember the scene when Rishi Kapoor accidentally falls from the cliff, I know it was meant to be a thrilling sequence but it brought me into splits. And the less said about the acting the better, every time Aamir uttered those 3rd class shayari’s I cringed and his mamu jaan was more of a joker than a villain, the only saving grace was Kajol who as always was a dream to watch but alas! she wasn’t enough to save the movie for me.

Love Aaj Kal: Another movie I dragged my friends to watch and  I know God won’t give me mercy this time. I could sum up the whole movie in one word BORE! The Deepika-Saif track was so horrible that even the sweet sepia story wasn’t able to uplift the movie for me. Deepika as usual can never say a word without that absurd style. That dialogue to Rahul Khanna “Hamare beech kuch atak gaya hai” was so unintentionally funny and the sequence in which Saif realises he actually loves Deepika was the biggest WTF!! moment of the movie. Seriously Imtiaz stick to rom-coms!!!

Devdas: I strongly believe that Sanjay Leela Bhansali is the most over-rated director ever. He might be able to churn out good performances (read Black), but when it comes to story-telling he falls flat. This movie had every thing going against him except Madhuri. Ash shrieked to her fullest, SRK hammed it up to T (a daring thing for me to say that), screenplay was snail paced, his changes made very little sense, I can go on forever. This movie SUCKED so much that it can give porn stars a run for their money in sucking department.

Vivaah: I don’t like Ekata Kapoor type serials so it’s obvious that I won’t like this movie. I mean where the hell in this whole UNIVERSE do u find such people who are either white as milk or black as bat??? I know a lot of people of people who love this movie as it was about good sanskaars n all that stuff but I just want to say can’t it be shown in a better manner I mean why those OTT dialogues and toooooooooooo good to be true charachterisations. Even the music was pathetic with tunes that are so outdated that even Prithivi Raj Kapoor would hav found it old fashioned.

Dis-Honourable Mentions: Dhoom 2(The only movie in the history I fell asleep in between), Gadar, Ajab Prem Ki Gajab Kahani.

This is completely personal opinion feel free to disagree. Tell me your own choices will love to know about it.

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23 responses to “4 Popular movies I hated

  1. I like it, but I disagree with Vivaah and Devdas. These two are my most favorite movies of all time. Although you are right about Love Aaj Kal and Fanaa, the only good thing about these two movies was the music!

  2. TOTALLLLLY WITH U on fanna, love aaj kal, vivah, dhoom2 and APKJK!! i liked devdas (not coz of srk) but ur opinion of sanjay leela bhansali matches mine ( OVERRR RATED) !!
    and rofl @ sucking department!

  3. HAHAHAH I am so happy to read this. Trust me I truly am happy. All these films I hate with utmost respect. Love Aaj Kal tops the rank and Fanaa was watchable courtesy Kajol’s comeback. Good one!

  4. I’m completely with you with all ur mentions. Just an exception is APKGK, i liked it in a way..

  5. Completely in sync with the last 3 movies. Dont count Vivah as one of the popular movies though.

    Fanna – well being an Amir Khan fanatic – I am partial to it.

    LAK – I liked it, but can’t rate it as a popular movie.

    My pick will be – All recent Akshay Kumar movies, Ghajani, RNBDJ, Bachna ae haseeno, Ishqiya to name a few..

  6. Agree with all but Love Aaj Kal

  7. the perfect four….outta them Love Aaj Kal was shitty bad…and….rest were also equally shitty BAD!

  8. My hate list: APKGK (I couldn’t watch more than 20 mins of this shit), Love Aaj Kal (overhyped and overrated crap). About Devdas, I liked the film but SRK’s performance was too melodramatic.

    • Ajab Prem ki.. remains on my unwatched list as well. Just 10 minutes into the movie, I turned it off. It was really mindless nonsense.

  9. I agree with all your choices….. I too find most of these movies OTT…. stupidity at its best… anyways, my hope for Bollywood to churn out quality cinema is still lower than lowest… 😛

  10. agreed to all!! Fanaa’s saving grace ws itz music, same fr devdas!! Dhoom2 ws spoiled by aish! HR ws gud though! Apkgk ws pathetic!! Nd ghadar ws exhaggeration personified!!

  11. Nice post yaar,
    i read it the day u published it. was on mobile, so couldn’t comment.

    there are many such movies, recently, raajneeti, which made me feel the same.
    from your list, I agree with ‘Fanaa’ [CAN YOU BELIVE THAT?] and LAK both of which were good yet bad. Fanaa lacked punch and went on typical in second half, and LAK was horribly bad just because of Deepika. Otherwise, I loved its Sardar Saif wali kahani.
    So not hate ther, but mixed feelings.

    Vivah and Devdas- I love them both 🙂

  12. I have a pretty long list on this topic. I guess it is indeed worth spending some time pouring out my frustration of the many expectations that were not met.
    I haven’t watched Fanaa and Vivah yet, so can’t really comment on them. Just like Darshit, LAK had its moments, but overall it was pretty shit, especially with Deepika. As for Devdas, I will quote something I read on a LOcat meme – I can swallow alphabet cereals and vomit a better argument 😛 It was horrendous, absolutely crap.

  13. Well, I loved APKGK, at least for the first time, quite liked Love Aaj Kal, and of your 4, haven’t really seen the rest 3. 🙂

  14. hahaha!!! same pinch buddy infact i hate dem most.. devdas was dull and booring… and fannah toh jai mata di… x( and i am grossed by vivah… i am annoyed by listning its song… ~x( ewwww.. shit you recalled me that movie….

  15. I didn’t dare to watch vivah.the promos were so boring and honestly movie belonged to raj kapoor era.even movies in those times were better as compared to vivah.saw couple of scenes on tv and found them very artifical.same goes for dhoom2.Aish’s are u like checking me out dialogue and i felt like turning off tv.I liked the diff get ups of hritik & the chori part.rest was over acting by hrithik,Abhi,uday & bips.haven’t seen fanaa and devdas was too depressing.liked tracks of love aaj kal and didn’t find it that bad.

  16. i don’t agree with Vivah but i have not seen Love Aaj Kal, Devdas, Dhoom 2 and i can kill srk if you help me financially

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