Mission Impossible: Pee Control

Earlier this year during my Inter-batch competitons I had a chance to make a movie for one of the competitions. This is the first time I made a movie and fortunately won the prize for it also. So I’ll like to share this movie with all of you. The movie is about a boy who needs to attend the natures call but has to cross a lot of hurdles in the path. Watch it and please comment and tell how did you find it.

13 responses to “Mission Impossible: Pee Control

  1. Pretty good effort. more madness was expected, though. your room mate says this is based on your personal experience! is it true? lol

    • noooo!!!! not at all but movie ke bad aisa experience zaroor kiya……. i wanted to add a bit more but had a time limit so sab kuch nahi dal paya

  2. good one… nice try 🙂

  3. awesome man ! loved it indeed. for a first timer, this is way good !! keep it up. hoping to see more encounters of the Hostel life. Bring them on.

  4. Cool! Loved the PT Usha reference, and ROTFL at that bottle of water being handed to you. The acting was pretty neat too, dude, well done there.

    As others have said, I’ll look forward to your next one too, hopefully with more twists in the script. As they say, when you really gotta go, any restroom will do 😀 Also, maybe one of the ladies who stops the guy could be a love interest, to justify his not thinking straight, which is why he didn’t run into the restrooms on the same floor or in the same building as the classroom! 😉

    Cheers, and good luck with the exams!

    • Thnks a lot for the comment!!! N am really glad tht u got the pont tht the first girl who also providedthe water was the the hero’s crush n yes tht is y didnt went to the restroom of the college……. Will definitely make another after July………..
      PS the lead isnt by me am the director n story the actor is a very nice frn of mine

  5. mast hai…i enjoyed a lot…i don’t think anything else cud hv been added…it was perfect for a 2-5 min movie…and that scene when he saw the last bunch of friends saying him hi he just ignored them so meanly by mking his hand gesture perhaps saying ‘f88k off’ haha

  6. Nice work! This makes me feel the need to run to the bathroom! 🙂

  7. LOL!! a very nice movie mannn! i liked the style of casting the bestt!!! inovative!

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