…and that we must keep

the candle of endurance burning for

this is a goal that can never be achieved,

it is not meant to be achieved

for as long as our nation will exist

it will need, from time to time, a bunch of

eccentric freaks armed enough to reject the poison of

communalism and convervatism

for these are the disease that can be suppressed

but never cured

we have to keep on deploying the youths,

the young guns, the nationalist militia

in every epoch

or just wait for our sovereignty to breathe its last!!!

and this is our goal

the march of the non-confirmists

the trumpet of a revolution

from endurance to endurance

from era to era

August 15, 2005 4:35 p.m

…when a bullet makes its way into

the chest of a revolutionary leader,

it’s not just a bullet …

it’s a metallic cylinder representing

the hatred of thousands of masses blinded by

ages of unbending conservatism and extremism

passed on from generation to generation; and the process by

which such a bullet digs into one’s body

is popularly known as assassination…

November 5, 2008 12:00 a.m

…sitting on his wheelchair

this old man runs his general store

peacefully in a deserted street

far from any police station,

guys come and keep the money on his palm

while he rolls his wheels to get the commodity for them.

These things always inspire me keep the flag of my optimism raised high!

How can I give in when people tell me that there is no good in this world?

January 25, 2007 11:30 p.m

when i was in IV

i accidentally came across

a bunch of bullies

with whom i got myself engaged in a scuffle

one of them slapped me any my specs

fell on the floor

another one threw my lunch box

they pushed me

and laughed at me

after the break was over

i complained to the teacher

taking their names.

they were punished

but their friends came and


“now you’re gone”

but there was another lot

which actually congratulated me

and said that those guys had made their

life hell

Since then, it took me a decade

to define fearlessness

and now i can say that

fearlessness is all about standing fearlessly

in front of your fears.

October 20, 2006 2:20 a.m

-Danish Saiyed

6 responses to “EXCERPTS FROM MY DIARY…

  1. wonderful words. give some details about the guy who wrote it.

  2. Amazing! Loved the last bit – not much of a writer myself…but yeah well written. Write something original…I bet its going to be good.

    • actually it was his wish to post something to see the response so i happily provided my blog as a medium though a bit small as compared to other blogs but still something better than nothing

  3. Loved it.Good one…awesome

  4. Raw emotions, but still a soothing effect. Bravo my boy!

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