Mothers Special

Right now while writing this post am on my way to home to give my mom a surprise. You see it’s her birthday tomorrow and I have not told her that I am coming home and will be giving a surprise to her. And roght now at the moment, the only thing coming to my mind are some songs about mothers and I’ll like to share them with you. So guys this post is dedicated to my mom and all the mothers in the world.

Mumma (Dasvidanya): This song from Dasvidanya is just so sweet. Every time I hear this song I just want to go and hug my mom tightly.

Lukka Chuppi (Rang De Basanti): This mother son duet by Lataji and AR Rahman is my favourite track from RDB. The song is about a mother calling her son and telling him to come back soon as she is getting worried. The son is telling her that even though he is liking this new place and he has everything but still her absence makes him very sad

Tu Kitni Achi Hai (Raja Aur Rank): Another song by Lataji but this time not as a mother but as a child. This is a song which every child feels for her mother.

Usko Dekha Nahi Hamne (Daadimaa): I don’t know if any of you guys might have heard this song or not so I’m posting a YouTube link of this song here. Mahendra Kapoor and Mohd Rafi’s deep voice are just amazing.

Ye to Sach Hai Ki Bhagwaan Hai (Hum Saath Saath Hai): This song is more dedicated to both ma n pa rather than just to mom but still I am including this song in this list. Hariharan’s smooth voice and some touching words make this song really special.

Maa (Taare Zameen Par): If you are thinking of a song about mothers then it is impossible that this song will not come in your mind. This song touches you every time you listen to it. Each and every line of this song makes your heart shiver. Prasoon Joshi as the lyricist and Shankar Mahadevan behind the mike do equally commendable job and bring out the best Mother Song you can ever get.


6 responses to “Mothers Special

  1. Love Lukka chhuppi the most. Makes me cry

  2. I dunno what order u decided but I think it’s towards the best as I love Maa the most. Really good post but I wonder if we have only that much songs dedicated to mothers.

    Interesting thing here is that out of 6 songs on your list, 2 are written by Prasoon Joshi alone. All mummas’ boy, eh?

  3. When I hear Luka chuppi – I think of myself as the movie…I am weird..but thats how it is..I love the song.

    Maa – is my fav song from TZP – must have on my ipod…it makes me cry

    Rest I havent heard…but yeah I hate – ye to sach hai ke bhagwaan hai…too preachy…

    I surprised my mom like this…last dec…I came back from NZ uninformed. All the best…and hug her from my side as well and do wish her a very Happy Mother’s Day!

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