My Name Is Khan: Music Review

Music: Shankar, Ehsaan, Loy

Lyrics: Niranjan Iyengar

So, finally Kjo is back with his latest flick after the lovely KANK (yes I was among the few who loved that movie). As usual the movie has lots of expectations; a) Kjo comes behind the camera after 4 years b)This is Shahrukh’s first major release since RNBDJ & c)This first time SRK & Kajol are coming together since K3G which was nine years back. Like the movie its music is also much anticipated as is the case with Kjo movie.

Many of us would have noticed a pattern which the soundtrack follows in Kjo movie. There would be 2 dance tracks one would be a disco number and the other would most probably be a shaadi type number full of Punjabi influence, then there would be one full romantic track and one sad song. But the thing with MNK is that surprisingly it doesn’t follow this pattern and comes out to be a very pleasant soundtrack. The whole soundtrack has a Sufi feel to it, be it the lyrics or the music. SEL have done another brilliant job after their successful last year. So, without wasting further time let’s go and have a look at the songs.

The album starts with Sajda. Sung by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan who is supported by Richa Sharma. A romantic track to the core, Sajda doesn’t have anything different to offer in terms of music, but some nice lyrics by Niranjan and superb singing by both the singers makes you love this song instantly.

When you hear Shankar’s own voice reciting the words Noor-E-Khuda, you know a melodious track awaits you. The surprising element of the song is the choice of Adnan Sami and Shreya’s entrance in the song takes the song to another level. The song boasts some inspiring lyrics and amazing music. This one is surely going to move many people’s heart.

Okay, frankly speaking I didn’t like this track when I heard it the first few times, but then it really grew on me. Tere Naina is a beautiful track and all because of Shafqat’s vocals and Niranjan’s honey dipped words. This is one track you would love to dedicate to someone very special. Scintillating!!!!!

This is my personal favourite track from the soundtrack. The song starts with chants of Allah-hi-Rahem in Rashid Khan’s husky voice. A great Sufi track which brings peace to your mind.

There are some songs which are meant to celebrate joy and spirit of life, Rang De belongs to that category. Full of life, the songs has all the reasons to rise anyone’s hopes. Suraj and Shankar do a great job behind the mike and provide some zestful vocals.

The album ends with an instrumental piece by my favourite band Strings. Khan theme is a dramatic musical piece which sets the mood of the movie. The track has a feel of sadness as well as hope attached to it. The first time I heard this track I had chill bumps all over me. A brilliant way to end the album

So, SEL don’t come up with something which is very innovative but still it has that feeling of warmth which makes this an instantly likable album. With some nice words by Niranjan this album is surely going to make a mark with every one

Rating:  ***1/2

Repeat Value: Of course!!!

Personal picks: Noor-e-khuda, Allah-hi-rahem, Khan Theme

9 responses to “My Name Is Khan: Music Review

  1. Disagree with ur words on the theme as yet. Loved rest of the review. Very balanced. Very true.

  2. nyc one man… rightly done and quite a justified article!

  3. Hey, nice one, really. The album is not great yet too good. A full on sufi album is treat for me. Loving it.

    Nice review. keep it up.

  4. @harshit thanks buddy. i really enjoyed khan theme i dont y but I thought it carried loads of emotions like some hidden joy n depression of a person
    @dev glad u liked it
    @dunkdaft yup same with me sufi albums give u inner peace which is very much required in todays fast life.

    Thanx to everyone for commenting on it

  5. hey anshu,
    i havent heard any songs from the movie yet but brilliant review i must say!
    i m quite impressed!
    very informative
    keep up the good work:)

  6. Good review mate! I think it is a job well done by SEL. Loved the castiing of the perfect singers for the tracks. But a Sufi soundtrack with no Kailash Kher is the only thing which bothers me a bit.

    IMO, SEL hv done something innovative with a full on Sufi soundtrack and not resorting to safer methods of churning out Shaadi numbers 😛

  7. a very creative way of writing the music launch review…you can certainly do this kinda job…give yourself sometime…and work on the vocabulary…follow movie and music reviews written in BRUNCH and HT especially.

    Outstanding Beginning!

    Sorry to be Late 🙂

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